Things Not to Say to Adopted Children

Things Not to Say to Adopted Children – Adopting a child is not easy, there are many risks that must be shared. Not only that, there are some things that should not be said to adopted children. Here’s the review

Even though it’s obvious, don’t ask if he’s adopted

Maybe from the outside it is already visible, for example, the child has different skin color, hair color, or facial characteristics with his parents. But you still can’t ask if he’s adopted or not. Asking someone’s birth history is as rude as asking someone’s income or financial life.

Things Not to Say to Adopted Children

No, He’s Not “Lucky” To Have Been Adopted

Whatever the reason behind the child being adopted, saying things like “you’re lucky to have been adopted” is simply unfair. It sounds like you are cursing the child’s past life before he was adopted. Adopted children certainly feel different from their friends, and do not feel lucky compared to their friends who live with their biological parents.

He Has Real Parents

In this case, the so-called real parents are no longer related by blood. But the real parents are the parents who raise the child, change diapers, provide for all his needs, care for and love him.

Finding his biological family is his personal choice

Although it may be difficult to do, considering that there are many orphans whose birth parents are not known, he has the right to make a choice, whether to look for his biological parents or not. It became his personal choice, and perhaps a secret, which should not be influenced by others.

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Don’t assume that the problem he’s having is because he’s an adopted child

He’s Depressed – is it because he’s adopted? He’s angry with his parents – is it because he’s adopted? Her marriage is in trouble – is it because she’s adopted? Maybe those are some examples of the problems he is experiencing that you can relate to his status as an adopted child. So many things can trigger stress or trouble in a person’s life, and being adopted is not the main thing that causes him or her problems.

He Doesn’t Need Your Sympathy

Being an adopted child is certainly different from the life of a child who lives with his biological parents. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t happy. Adopted children who are raised responsibly by their foster parents certainly get the happiness and love that they deserve. Even not only from his parents, but from his family or friends. You don’t always have to feel sorry for an adopted child.