The Sensitive Feelings of Adopted Children

The Sensitive Feelings of Adopted Children – Adoption of children is one way to be able to have complete family members, including children, mothers and even fathers. To get to know more about the figure of an adopted child, of course, you have to understand some of the following sensitive issues that are generally felt by them. Take a look, yes.

The Sensitive Feelings of Adopted Children

1. Feeling confused when it comes to family tree
When they grow up, they will know their status as adopted children. This status will then be questioned by them.

Adopted children will question where their family is, and what lineage they have. This is obviously because they never knew about his family tree.

Therefore, explain gently and understandingly about their family, yes. Explain to them that the people around them are also their family.

2. Uncomfortable with adoption status
No one wants to be made fun of with the status of an adopted child or adopted child. Unfortunately, this happens a lot in society.

Many end up looking down on them, because they are considered only as adopted children. This will obviously cause discomfort for them.

Give an understanding that their existence is also special, just like other children who grow up in the world.

3. Questioning the reason for not having a biological family
No child wants to be separated from their biological family. However, sometimes, the situation is not favorable so that many children are forced to separate from their biological parents.

As they get older, later they will ask about their biological family. They will also be confused why they don’t have a biological family like other children. If this is the case, try to explain honestly and understandingly, okay? It will take time, but slowly he will understand.

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4. Negative stigma from adopted children
In some communities, it turns out that there is still a negative stigma attached to adopted children. They are often underestimated by many people.

This will then become a sensitive feeling that most adopted children have. They will feel unwanted because of their existence, even though it is only a stigma.

5. Saddened if there is a pattern of learning that seems to distinguish
In some parents who have wrong parenting, they will usually distinguish between biological children and adopted children. They will usually feel a lot of disappointment over it.

This is one of the things that need to be considered by parents during the process of educating their children. Don’t be impressed by the difference, because it will only leave sadness in the child’s heart.