Mothers of 9 Adopted Babies


Mothers of 9 Adopted Babies – Monica Soraya Hariyanto does not want the children she adopts to lose their relationship with their biological parents. When she was first contacted by a pregnant woman who hoped that her baby would be adopted, she felt that this was the way outlined for her.

WITHOUT the presence of additional family members, Monica Soraya Hariyanto’s house was actually crowded. She has four children, three of whom still live with her.

Automatically, with the presence of six babies who were adopted by this 41-year-old woman, her residence in Cilandak, South Jakarta, became increasingly boisterous. Monica has adopted the babies since March 2020.

All newborns. The first was named Bianca Calista Prameswari, born March 18.

Followed by Tristan Naraya Abimanyu, Scarlet Alexandra Kamaniya, Syeikha Abriana Resyakila, Dallas Arsyanendra Bagaspati, and Beverly Kanisya Mikandira.

Monica gave the names in discussions with her husband and children. “I like to give names that smell like Sanskrit,” said Monica when contacted by Jawa Pos last Friday (21/8).

The first name was the result of a discussion with the family, while the middle and last name were given to Monica herself.

Apart from the six babies, Monica also plans to welcome three more babies. Two were born in August and only arrived this week at Monica’s house. Another one is expected to be born later this month. So, in total he added 9 children.

“As long as I have sustenance, it is okay to want 12 (children),” he said.

You could say that the babies were not wanted by Monica, but came alone. It started when the founder of the Indonesian Bidadari Community Organization received WhatsApp from an unnamed mother.

The mother asked Monica if she was willing to adopt a child. At that point, Monica felt that everything had gone the way of the Creator so that somehow she believed in her and replied to her message.

From there, several other mothers also contacted Monica, up to a total of six people. The first mother he called. At that time she was seven months pregnant.

“So, I take care of these babies from the womb,” he said.

Monica helps from gynecology to childbirth costs. The backgrounds of the people who contacted him were almost the same: they experienced economic difficulties.

There are also those who are left by the baby’s father. There are those who are pregnant under age, but they don’t have to pay for an abortion. “They don’t really convince me too much,” he continued.

Once the baby is born, the parents immediately hand it over to Monica. The babies are then added to Monica’s family card. However, the act remains in the name of the biological mother.

” There are those who no longer care about their children. I wrote the same deed. But I said, I took care of them until they were successful, but I wasn’t the one who gave birth to the world, “said Hariyanto Duryat’s wife.

Her husband, who is a businessman, is very supportive, fully supporting Monica’s wishes. The Madurese-Manado woman also has dreams of establishing an orphanage.

However, for now, feeling that she can’t really afford it, Monica adopted some of the first babies into her family. “I want to be a part of these children’s lives and treat them like my own,” he said.

Even when she welcomed the babies into the world, Monica was not so awkward. Instead, he was excited to prepare various supplies for the babies. Making cribs, clothes and toys.

It’s really like having another child. And, he is grateful. Even though the babies’ parents are deprived, all are born healthy and cute.

Monica certainly doesn’t take care of the babies alone. Each baby has a babysitter. “I personally last took care of a baby seven years ago,” said Monica, referring to her last child.

Monica continues to take care of the babies, even though it’s not 24 hours. From this experience, Monica is also getting more requests from parents who want to leave their babies. Sometimes she received 20-25 messages from mothers who were pregnant.

There are also parents who may not have a child even though they have been married for years. And, finally got interested in adopting the baby he is currently caring for.

However, of course he couldn’t accept them all at once. Nor could he suddenly hand over the child he had adopted to someone else.

Because of this, Monica returned to her long-standing desire to establish an orphanage. “It would be nice if I have an orphanage, because I happen to have a social foundation too,” he said.

If you have an orphanage, he continued, it will be easier to bridge between parents who can’t afford to care for babies and parents who want to care for babies. For this, Monica will set certain conditions.

She should look directly at the homes of people who wish to adopt and make sure they have permanent jobs. That way, the children’s life can be guaranteed.

One of Monica’s principles when adopting the babies is to make sure they stay in touch with their biological parents. ” I don’t want to make these children hate their parents. I have to take care of the children’s feelings, ”he said.

Later he will convey that their biological mothers have extraordinary courage. “Until they can give birth to the world,” he said.


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